Episode 54 – WEBEX Done right! Tips and Tricks you never knew existed

As businesses across the country begin settling in to the “New Normal” many companies are discovering users may need a little extra training to utilize the full benefits of the…

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Episode 53 – How Childhood Dreams Turned into a $1.5 Billion Industry

With the current state of the world and traditional sports at a near stand-still, esports is positioned to explode at a greater rate than initially anticipated for 2020 and beyond. Esports is…

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Episode 52 – The New Normal For Businesses Across the Country

What the Tech Just Happened on the TechSperience channel joins the rest of the world and goes remote.  On this episode, Penny and Rob discuss bandwidth issues on the internet,…

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Ready for Remote: Maintain Productivity with Distributed Teams

Are you remote-work ready? Recent global events have forced many companies to find out the hard way. But even without a major crisis, the ability to work effectively with distributed…

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Episode 51 – SaaS and UCaaS and DaaS -Oh My! The Wizard of Device as a Service

We’re not in Kansas anymore as Penny Conway and Sarah Bates take us down the yellow brick road of subscription services leading us to what’s behind the IT curtain of…

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