Episode 37 – What The Tech Just Happened?

Tech topics include Mobility and wearables, Y2K bug hits parking meters, Microsoft EOL for Windows 7 is here, Disney plus and more!  Join us for a fun morning tech chat…

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Episode 36 – eSports Roundtable Podcast

eSports has millions of fans from all walks of life tuning in to the action.  Listen in as we explore the world of competitive video gaming with some of Connection’s…

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VEEAM Acquisition – What It Means For You!

VEEAM Software was acquired by Insight Partners for 5 billion dollars.  Insight Partners – a venture capital firm (not to be confused with Insight)  just purchased VEEAM Software, one of…

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Episode 35 – What The Tech Just Happened

This week on “What the Tech Just Happened”, Penny and Rob explore the tech trends in the corporate world for 2020.  AI, 3D printing, mobile payment systems, 5G and much…

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Episode 34 – Bet you didn’t know your printer could do that!

Who really cares about print and what can the modern printer really do?  Listen in as we discuss printer security, feeds and speeds and sustainability.  We cover the new world…

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