Ready for Remote: Maintain Productivity with Distributed Teams

Are you remote-work ready? Recent global events have forced many companies to find out the hard way. But even without a major crisis, the ability to work effectively with distributed…

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Episode 51 – SaaS and UCaaS and DaaS -Oh My! The Wizard of Device as a Service

We’re not in Kansas anymore as Penny Conway and Sarah Bates take us down the yellow brick road of subscription services leading us to what’s behind the IT curtain of…

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Episode 50 – Working Remote and How To Make The Most Of IT

Working Remotely? Educating from the home?  Currently we’re all dealing with a new normal as well as some extreme challenges. Conversely, there are opportunities we may never had the chance to…

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Episode 49 – Future-Proofing the Classroom and Unleashing the Power of Interactive Displays

The modern classroom is racing to keep up with the modern student.  Kids are growing up interacting with everything and actual expect a certain level of interactivity when it comes…

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Episode 48 – The Effects of the Coronavirus on Technology

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the material discussed in this episode is of a timely nature and the situation around COVID-19 is fluid and fast moving. In the short time that elapsed…

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