Episode 62 – Work From Home One Life, One Device World

The Covid-19 crisis rages on and Work From Home continues to evolve.  On this week’s episode of What the Tech Just Happened, Penny shares her smart home adventures and speaks…

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Episode 61 – Develop a Commercial Strategy in Times of Covid-19

With the strike of COVID-19 the disruption of businesses’ usual and growing expenses, budgets set in 2019 are no longer viable. How is your business handling the new normal? As…

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Episode 60 – What’s On the Other Side Of the Crisis?

What the Tech Just Happened takes a look at what business may look like one year later.  How we’re changing computing with mobile devices and PCs The future of Cryptocurrency …

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Episode 59 – Checks, Challenges, and Changes in Healthcare

In this episode, hosts Penny Conway and Rob McIntosh are accompanied by Dr. Keith Nelson to talk about what has changed in healthcare, what are the biggest challenges in moving forward,…

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Connection Cares: Providing Meals to Those in Need During COVID-19

Even in these trying times, it’s easy to lose sight of how fortunate we are. A shared meal with loved ones somehow seems to mean more today than it did…

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