Episode 68 – Rethinking Education: 3 Ways the CARES Act Can Support K-12, Part 3: Teachers, the New Students


This is a unique opportunity to sponsor thought leadership on the future challenges in K-12 and how Connection, with our partners, can support customers with solutions. Pam Aulakh joins the podcast with an extensive background in K-12 Education & Technology. Prior to joining Connection, she held many roles in Brevard Public Schools as a Teacher, Technology Integrator, and Manager of EdTech Training.

Today’s episode is the third and final segment of this series where Penny Conway, your host, continues the conversation with Pam Aulakh, this time to talk about how teachers became the new students since they will have to learn what new skills will be required for teachers post-pandemic and the professional development they will need in order to get them there. 

Listen to part one here.

Listen to part two here.

Key takeaways:

[2:02] Pam Aulakh shares her professional background.

[3:20] How to prepare teachers for a complete online learning-teaching experience.

[5:20] Teachers adapted to the online setting as a survival response since there was no other choice, and they will be able to easily incorporate these technologies into the classrooms in the future.

[6:46] Teachers won´t be fired as a result of not understanding the technology, but universities are preparing new teachers to be technology savvy.

[7:50] New pedagogies for teachers working in a remote situation.

[9:30] Paula Aulakh talks about the different ways in which teachers will assess the students’ learning.

[11:55] Key certifications and courses for teachers’ professional development for distance learning.

[12:30] Teachers are spending 70% of their time troubleshooting technology.

[13:35] Students should take responsibility of their own learning while using technology as an aid.

[16:00] We want to create a generation of thinkers and problem-solvers.

[17:30] Key takeaways from the Cares Act that schools should look into in order to build a professional development plan for the new normal.

[19:53] We are all learning on this together. 

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