Episode 65 – HPE and the Power of AI Predictive Analytics for your Data Center


The world is facing the strike of COVID-19, organizations across the USA are adapting to the “new normal” and looking in the rear-view mirror all at the same time, many are asking the question about how they are going to manage and secure data in the future while also managing their cash flow.

Today, Penny Conway, your host is accompanied by Jim Stevens to help you develop a data center strategy from now and beyond.

Key takeaways

[1:12] Jim Stevens talks about his background, his professional expertise, and what brings him to the podcast.

[3:29] Jim shares his expert definition of VDI and how it can contribute to people working from their homes.

[7:11] VDI makes sure that all your end users are highly productive, have access to all their applications, and very secure systems regardless of the device they are using.

[10:10] How HPE is preventing securities issues in your devices. 

[11:58] HP offers the only server in the world that checks for security threats all the time.

[13:26] If you are running an HPE server you can even get additional insurance.

[15:10] Managing the entire environment with an HPE server: Nimble.

[17:22] SimpliVity Hyperconverged by HPE reduces 90% of the data in real-time. 

[18:23] Jim explains how Synergy by HPE provides a solution for composability.

[20:11] Jim talks about the crucial importance of connection.

[21:35] Cost saving and time-saving at the same time.

[22:52] Which data should you send to the cloud?

[26:21] It is a really exciting time for a change.

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