Episode 66 – Rethinking Education: 3 Ways the CARES Act Can Support K-12, Part One


This is a unique opportunity to sponsor thought leadership on the future challenges in K-12 and how Connection, with our partners, can support customers with solutions. Pam Aulakh joins the podcast with an extensive background in K-12 Education & Technology. Prior to joining Connection, she held many roles in Brevard Public Schools as a Teacher, Technology Integrator, and Manager of EdTech Training. Pam Aulakh talks in this episode, about how to build a return strategy, which means creating flexibility to transition from in-classroom to distance learning while minimizing disruption.

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Key takeaways:

[1:34] Pam Aulakh introduces herself, her background, and talks about what brings her to the podcast.

[3:30] How quickly and effectively schools adapted to distance learning?

[5:29] The parents’ role in enabling education from home.

[6:42] Distant education really is a community effort.

[7:40] The role of states in finding out what are the parent’s concerns on regards to supporting the students on remote learning.

[9:17] Top three aspects that a school district should consider to take advantage of the Cares Act to manage the foundings of microbrands and help them build the plan.

[11:07] How are schools supporting students who do not have access to a device?

[14:55] Equipping and strategizing for a possible return to school.

[15:40] What will the “new normal” for education look like?

[18:26] 60% of teachers were already assigning online homework at home.

[19:11] Districts are bringing equity and opportunity for every student.

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