Episode 42 – What the Tech Just Happened

Take a break from the deep tech talks and join us for a fun post SuperBowl chat as Penny and Rob talk about SuperBowl commercials. Also listen in as we…

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Episode 41 – The coming of the Cyber War and the role Artificial Intelligence is playing

Part II of our series on AI continues as we podcast about how Artificial Intelligence is impacting Cyber Security.  Join Penny and her guest Jamal Khan as they talk CycSec,…

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Episode 40 – What the Tech Just Happened

Join us for a fun look at tech and all the latest Tech News including: Why Tech Giants are looking to eSports stars to promote their streaming platforms FBI haults…

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Episode 39 – Get More Out of Microsoft Teams with Poly Collaboration

Poly voice and video is discussed from a “Teams” perspective.  What you’re missing could hurt you. Is your collaboration strategy all that it could be?  Our experts discuss teams, poly,…

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Episode 38 – What The Tech Just Happened

Social Media is being socially responsible.  Learn about one woman’s plight to end harassment on a popular social site and how leadership responded.   Listen to more TechSperience podcasts

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