Episode 93 – Inside Access: Shifting Gears, The Power of the Retail Employee


James Hillard, your host, welcomes Brian Gallagher and a special guest from Apple to today’s episode to have a discussion about the current state of retail. Our experts talk about how important it is to empower your retail employees to engage with your customers. They present the latest mobile device solutions from Apple and services from Connection, with which you’ll be able to equip your employees with the tools and technology they need to answer customer questions, speed them through the checkout process, and more.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1: Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Business Dev Director at Connection

Guest 2: A special guest from Apple

Key takeaways:

[1:08] Brian shares his perspective about the state of retail.

[2:30] You need to think about your business holistically.

[3:27] Our Apple guest talks about the changes that we are seeing now started long before 2020.

[4:22] How is the retail industry approaching employees?

[7:03] Our Apple guest talks about the training directed to empower employees to give more personalized service.

[10:03] Incorporating technologies that make the consumer feel comfortable with.

[12:50] Our Apple guest and Brian talk about employee productivity.

[16:39] Brian and our Apple guest describe the relationship between Connection and Apple to enable retail employees.

[21:03] Focus on a simpler environment and placing the user as the center of the experience.

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