Episode 61 – Develop a Commercial Strategy in Times of Covid-19


With the strike of COVID-19 the disruption of businesses’ usual and growing expenses, budgets set in 2019 are no longer viable. How is your business handling the new normal?

As companies establish short, mid, and long-term strategies to deal with the current economic environment and what it means for their business, the questions may outnumber the answers. But obtaining technology can be simple, and Connection Financial Services can help. Penny Conway, your host, welcomes Cindy Blanchard and Kirk Sipes from Connection Financial Services to this episode to talk about how to develop a financial strategy for the new normal.

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Key takeaways

[1:15] Cindy and Kirk introduce themselves.

[3:26] The necessary adaptation to commercial planning for the new year.

[5:03] Everyone is holding on to cash as a result of the uncertainty imposed by the current health and financial crisis.

[6:20] How are Cindy and Kirk handling the fear of customers to purchase new technology?

[7:17] Defer payments and let customers invest in the technology that they need without making payments in the next 90 days, allowing them to hold on to their cash.

[8:08] Connection Financial Services offers short and long term financial solutions according to the customer’s needs.

[11:00] Cindy shares her financial projection for the near future.

[13:10] Schools have applied innovations and adaptations to reach their students and provide an efficient education system.

[14:01] Kirk talks about what can´t be financed. 

[16:28] 25% of small businesses won’t be able to survive the current financial crisis.

[19:03] Connection Financial Services offers end of term options for their customers.

[21:30] An optimistic outlook for the future of the nation in difficult times.

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