TechSperience Episode 127: AI in Healthcare—A Revolution in Progress

Jamal Khan
Jennifer Johnson

AI is revolutionizing healthcare by analyzing massive datasets to uncover hidden patterns, leading to breakthroughs in disease diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Join Jennifer Johnson and Jamal Khan as they explore AI’s impact on healthcare. They delve into critical ethical considerations, governance structures, data security measures, and AI’s role in clinical decision support.


Jamal Khan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Connection

Jennifer Johnson, Director of Healthcare Strategy and Business Development at Connection

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction and AI Ecosystem Shifts

02:07 Ethical Considerations and Governance in AI Healthcare

05:49 Challenges of Data Poisoning and Model Drift in AI Healthcare

08:02 Role of CAIOs in Healthcare Governance and Data Strategy

10:48 Importance of Patient Consent and Cross-Jurisdictional Challenges

13:01 AI’s Impact on Healthcare Provider Work Environment

17:45 Vetting AI Partners and Virtual Assistants in Healthcare

19:39 Patient Accessibility and Engagement in Healthcare

22:50 Clinical Trials and Technology in Healthcare

24:13 Challenges of Merging Patient Data in Healthcare

27:01 AI Adoption in Healthcare: Impact on Insurance Providers

32:08 Challenges of Transparency and Explainability in AI

35:58 AI in Clinical Settings: Promising Use Cases

37:18 Choosing Hyperscalers for Healthcare AI Implementation

48:01 Data Orchestration for Patient Care with AI

50:17 Following Patients Through Care Settings with AI

52:08 Excitement and Challenges of AI Integration in Healthcare