TechSperience Trends Episode 4: Managing a Multicloud Environment


Many companies are now operating in a multicloud environment. In this episode, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of cloud environment, the pros and cons of operating in one, and the best ways to manage it.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest: Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist at VMware

Show Notes:

[0:28] Introduction of guest

[0:41] Are there geocultural differences between the way that North American-based companies approach technologies like the cloud compared to other regions?

[3:33] Are companies in Europe more conservative and risk-averse in their approach to new technologies?

[5:36] How do you define a multicloud environment?

[8:02] Compare multicloud to hybrid cloud.

[9:52] Why should someone move to a multicloud environment?

[12:10] When would a multicloud approach be the right move?

[14:48] Is the complexity of multicloud environments, combined with the cloud skills gap, a disadvantage?

[17:51] Have you seen organizations get back time back for their IT teams because of multicloud environments?

[21:17] What are some questions that a team needs to think about to make sure that they’re managing multicloud environments most effectively?[

25:27] What would you advise teams to be thinking about with security in a multicloud environment?