TechSperience Episode 118: Optimize IT Support and Manageability in Today’s Remote Environment

Intel TIDC Podcast

It’s time to rethink your IT strategy and support for remote employees. Learn how to simplify device manageability including provisioning, deployment, and security in this podcast featuring experts from Intel and Connection.

Host: James Hilliard


  • Rhett Livengood, Director of Digital Business Enabling, Intel
  • Mark Wulfhorst, Director of Technical Services and Solutions, Technology Integration and Distribution Center, Connection

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Show Notes:

[1:28] What has been the major change in IT support needs since the pandemic? Many remote employees became their own IT support. Just as we Google answers to general questions in our daily lives, we’ve found that users also searched online to get their IT questions answered. The team at Intel recognized this trend, and we’ve been working to develop ways to make it easier on the end user and the IT teams that support them.

[3:18] What should IT teams consider? One of the most common asks are related to managing devices out in the field. It’s about having the right tools such as an endpoint manager and means to provide out-of-band support. Those conversations also transition into permissions and device hardening to address security concerns. We went from deploying devices to offices to now shipping to hundreds of individual homes. This can tie up a lot of time and resources for organizations that don’t have a vendor or partner that can do this on their behalf.

[7:00] Security is critical. What should IT teams consider as potential solutions to minimize threats? Employee training is essential. The biggest risk is someone clicking on a link they shouldn’t have and installing malware accidently. If you have cloud-based apps, it’s important to understand the nuances related to cloud. If you don’t have expertise, make sure to work with a provider or partner that can help guide you. There are other proactive ways to minimize security risks such as having devices hardened, scanned, and processed according to your group’s policies. Connection can offer these services through our Technology Integration and Deployment Center before sending devices to an employee.

[12:32] How have Intel and Connection partnered together to help solve for remote device management? Intel vPro® features Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) built into the system. Intel AMT streamlines device management so IT staff can remotely assess, monitor, repair, and update PCs quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime for IT and employees. Connection can activate Intel AMT features in devices prior to deployment to make provisioning and manageability easier.

[16:50] What are some additional features of vPro that can support hybrid and remote users? From 2020 to 2022, usage of Intel AMT increased three times due to COVID and remote work. Intel has worked closely with many of our partners like Microsoft and CrowdStrike to elevate security features. Intel has also enhanced battery life, developed fast-charging capabilities, and worked on wireless enhancements with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. vPro can also optimize your bandwidth to prioritize video calls rather than your kids’ gaming connection. We’re also looking into syncing across devices such as smartphones to further enhance users’ experience.

Contact an Account Manager if you’d like to learn more about Connection’s custom configuration and deployment solutions. You can also visit to learn more about Intel AMT features for streamlined device manageability.