TechSperience Episode 121: Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Modernize Manufacturing


We’re at an inflection point in U.S. manufacturing. Those that are not investing in advanced technologies today will quickly find themselves uncompetitive. Those that are beginning to modernize their facilities, however, are achieving smarter and more digitally excellent design and production. In this podcast, we’ll explore how manufacturers can leverage advanced technologies to modernize their spaces and ultimately yield big business benefits.

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Blake Kerrigan, Senior Director for ThinkEdge Business Group at Lenovo

Zihan Wang, Global Business Development Manager at NVIDIA

Ryan Spurr, Manufacturing Strategy Director at Connection

Show Notes:

[0:55] Are there one or two trends or issues across manufacturing that are leading teams to recognize the need to modernize today?

[4:52] What other trends from a technological standpoint are you seeing regarding manufacturers’ need to modernize their facilities?

[7:00] AI is helping the manufacturing industry modernize faster. What are teams looking to do with AI?

[10:25] What are some of the leading cutting-edge manufacturers doing? What can we learn from them?

[14:01] How much education is needed to assist manufacturers with what they need to begin the modernization process?

[21:45] What are some case study examples of how manufacturers have modernized their facilities recently?

[25:00] How did our teams help Trek Bikes modernize their research and development manufacturing operations?

[28:01] How’s Lenovo helping automotive manufacturers modernize the early stages of their manufacturing production operations?

[31:56] How has our team assisted Pegatron with modernizing its mass production? [35:04] How can adopting smart technologies in manufacturing help with cost savings?

[37:55] To continue the conversation, visit and our Manufacturing Practice can help jumpstart your modernization process.