TechSperience Episode 125: Navigating the AI Revolution in Manufacturing


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been nothing short of revolutionary for the manufacturing industry. From research and development to production, and even extending to aftermarket services, AI can drastically improve productivity, bolster quality control, and optimize supply chains in the industry.

However, adopting AI in manufacturing is not without its challenges and complexities. Join us as we navigate this evolving landscape, explore practical applications of AI for manufacturers, and uncover the business benefits it can bring.


Ryan Spurr, Manufacturing Strategy Director at Connection

Jamal Khan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Connection

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
00:46 The Impact of AI in Manufacturing
03:01 Challenges in AI Adoption in Manufacturing
05:30 Unique Challenges in Manufacturing
08:22 Job Displacement in Manufacturing
09:40 Drivers for AI Adoption in Manufacturing
11:43 Factors Enabling AI Adoption
14:35 The Role of Data in AI Adoption
18:48 Applications of AI in Manufacturing
24:52 Use Cases and Workloads in AI
28:36 The Power of Camera Vision in Manufacturing
34:06 The Importance of Supply Chain Twins
38:41 The Role of Synthetic Data in AI
45:25 Connection’s Approach to AI in Manufacturing
50:15 Six Areas of Focus
50:45 Partnerships and Technology Stacks
51:08 Opportunity and Feasible Use Cases
51:36 Limited Sampling of Use Cases
52:03 Learning More about AI in Manufacturing
52:17 Closing Remarks