TechSperience Episode 122: Transforming Retail Through the Power of AI


The role of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prominent in the retail landscape. Discover how AI is reshaping the retail landscape, from enhancing customer experiences and optimizing supply chains to boosting employee engagement.

Join us as we explore practical applications of AI for retailers and uncover the business benefits it can bring.


Brian Gallagher, Retail Strategy Director at Connection

Jamal Khan, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at Connection

Show Notes:

00:01 Introduction and Overview

02:55 The Evolution of AI Technology

05:43 The Impact of AI on Retail

09:01 The Challenges and Opportunities of AI in Retail

11:58 The Role of AI in Personalized Shopping Experiences and Inventory Management

14:35 The Importance of Data in AI and the Role of AI in Dynamic Pricing

17:02 The Future of Retail with AI and the Impact of AI on Customer Experience

21:10 The Challenges of Data Collection in AI

24:21 The Future of Retail Storefronts with AI

26:44 The Role of AI in Employee Productivity and Enhancing Retail Employee Experience

27:54 AI in Supply Chain Optimization and Sustainability

29:06 Ethical Considerations in AI Implementation

30:45 The Importance of a Common Purpose in AI Integration

32:30 Starting the AI Journey in Retail

34:06 Choosing the Right AI Partner and the Three Stages of AI Adoption

38:32 The AI Ecosystem and its Impact on Retail

40:14 Getting Ready for AI in Retail

42:34 Connection’s Approach to AI in Retail

49:41 Final Thoughts on AI in Retail