TechSperience Trends Episode 3: The Cloud Skills Gap


Cloud computing jobs are in high demand. However, there are not enough people with the right skill sets to fill those roles. In this episode, we’ll explore the factors that led us to this point and how to best address the cloud skills gap moving forward.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest: David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte

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Show Notes:

[0:30] Introduction of guest

[0:50] Is it a good idea to encourage prospective employees to explore jobs in tech?

[1:50] Why are we at a point of a cloud skills gap?

[3:51] Is there enough passion for cloud computing now that will fill these roles in 5 years?

[5:33] Are there any concerns with the types of people who might be filling these cloud roles?

[7:59] What are some tips and ideas on how people can re-skill themselves to take advantage of
the cloud skills gap?

[10:51] Is the traditional model of school falling too far behind to keep up with cloud

[13:03] Are you finding organizations that are recognizing and making accommodations for
their employees to go back to school for cloud computing?

[14:45] Are there any differences between enterprises and SMBs in the types of training that
are offered?

[16:26] If you were hiring, what would you be looking for in a potential employee?

[18:36] What are tips for leaders that already have a team in place that want to spark a passion
in the current employees to change roles?

[20:33] Are there any verticals that are more at risk of the cloud skills gap?

[24:03] If you’re looking to advance your own career in the cloud space, what’s the first thing
you should do?

[26:28] What’s something that leaders can do to encourage awareness around the cloud skills
gap and help their employees can position themselves to fill those roles in the future?

[29:23] Once someone gets hired into a cloud computing role, what can they expect?