TechSperience Trends Episode 1: Cloud Myths and How to Spot Them


It’s time to put some common cloud myths to rest. Here are the most pervasive myths about the cloud and some clarification about what the cloud can actually offer your organization.

Host: James Hilliard

Guest: Jeff Doolan, Vice President of Microsoft at Connection

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Show Notes:

[1:02] Introduction of guest

[1:40] Technology myths in general

[3:08] Where do these myths start?

[4:52] What are the top three cloud myths that you think are being perpetuated?

[6:10] Where did the myth that “cloud is expensive” come from?

[10:51] Is the cloud actually cheaper?

[12:45] Can we confidently say that public cloud is secure?

[16:32] Who should be involved in early conversations to ensure security is at the forefront in a cloud migration?

[21:56] Is it still a pervasive myth that “I lose control over my data in the cloud?”

[26:05] Should companies put all or some of the data in the cloud?

[29:23] How do you stay up to speed on cloud information?