TechSperience Solutions Episode 107: Delivering Hybrid and Remote Workforce Capabilities


Today’s work-from-anywhere paradigm brings key challenges that organizations must address through IT transformation. This episode explores new PC solutions to address the needs of hybrid and remote employees while easing device management for IT staff. Topics include built-in security, accelerated compute capabilities, and automated data processing. 

Host: James Hilliard

Guests: Rhett Livengood, Director, Digital Business Enabling at Intel

Show Notes:

[1:40] Top IT security and performance challenges we’re seeing with remote/hybrid working.

[3:50] Work-from-home challenges from the personal perspective.

[7:55] How Intel strategized and mobilized to support the new remote working environment.

[11:00] Most PCs are outdated which can negatively impact security and performance.

[12:30] 12th Gen Intel Cores extend battery life by 2x and have embedded security. 

[14:00] Software in PCs can prioritize video conferencing usage for improved user experience.

[19:00] Benefits of hardware/software integration and partnering with the right provider.

[22:51] With the current supply chain limitations, developing an advanced plan, teaming with a solutions provider that can advise on the best of breed technologies, and access to global resources are critical.

[28:00] Modern PCs can accommodate for Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6 extended, 5G, and 6G to elevate the employee experience at home.