Joseph Salzer

Joseph Salzer is a Principal Systems Engineer at Connection with more than 20 years of experience with storage, disaster recovery, virtualization, and cloud technologies. He holds several professional certifications, including HPE Master ASE, Nutanix CE, and VCP. He is also NetBackup Certified and AWS SA Certified. In his free time, Joseph enjoys 3D modeling and printing and discovering more about automation and programming, especially with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

“It Will Never Happen to Us”: A Look into the Reality of Ransomware

We often read the news and learn of high-profile ransomware attacks on companies and organizations. When we read these stories, many of us think of ransomware attacks as something that…

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Ditching the Hardware: An Introduction to Serverless Computing

Introduction In my previous blog, Rethinking Virtualization: Containers in the Data Center, I discuss how traditional server virtualization is really nothing more than hardware virtualization. I also discuss how containers…

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Rethinking Virtualization—Containers in the Data Center

While the IT world is constantly changing and evolving, every once in a while, a technology comes along that is capable of disrupting the industry. If we take a moment…

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