Episode 86 – Top 3 Tips and Tricks of Microsoft Teams


Microsoft currently has over 115,000,000 daily users and growing every day.  Why the adoption? What are some of the advantages of Teams and what are the top 3 tips and tricks as suggested by Microsoft Experts?  Listen in and learn new ways to use one of the fastest growing collaboration tools for our new virtual world!

Host: Penny Conway

Guest 1: Katie John — Senior Product Manager — Microsoft Center of Excellence

Guest 2: Jenny Gibson-Kautz, – Partner Development Specialist – Microsoft Center of Excellence

Guest 3: Rob McIntosh, – Marketing Manager  – Connection Business Solutions Group

Key takeaways:

[4:37] Remote Work gets a face-lift with teams for a back to office feel from home.

[7:20] Collaboration, organization and a reduction in e-mails through the teams portal

[10:10] Utilizing the @ feature to tag someone and notify within teams

[10:31] Message notification and prioritization

[12:27] Open Federation and sharing teams outside your organization

[14:05] All new Whiteboard Function for interactive meetings

[16:23] Breakout rooms for events, large meetings, trainings and more.

[19:39] Wrap up and summary by Penny Conway

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