What Makes Now the Right Time to Refresh?

To maintain their competitive edge, smart businesses claim every advantage they can, and that includes staying current with the latest computing technology. With every new release of next-generation hardware or…

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Cutting the Cords that Hold Back Productivity

Here’s an interesting thing about organizations that embrace workplace transformation: employees’ personal experiences with technology often drive the move. That is, they love the convenience and capabilities that their personal…

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Refresh or Reinvent?

There’s a couple of important questions I need to ask: Which of these two better represents your business – Charles Darwin or the dodo? Now, which would you prefer represented…

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It’s Time to Get Personal

Which computing form factor best matches your professional persona? That is to say, what’s the ideal device for how and where you work, offering the capabilities you need and the…

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Data Center

A Secure New Server Platform

If you’re among the fewer and fewer organizations still running Windows Server 2003, you certainly must know that there’s a platform migration in your immediate future. No point in putting…

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