Episode 97 – The Hybrid Workforce Is Here To Stay


As we celebrate Cyber Security Awareness month, Connection in partnership with Intel, bring you a timely podcast to help your organization stay safe from cyber threats and help educate hybrid workers on best practices.  Intel and the Connection Security practice collaborate and talk candidly with James to unveil some insights you many never have considered. Remember – “Do Your Part Be Cyber Smart”


Host: James Hilliard

Guest: Steve Nardone – Senior Director of Security Solutions

Guest: Yasser Rasheed – Global Director of Enterprise Clients at Intel 

Show Notes

[0:55] Introduction of guests

[1:30] Is the hybrid workforce here to stay?

[3:33] Will there be more cybersecurity attacks as a result of the new hybrid workforce?

[6:10] Will the equipment of remote workers be able to protect them from cyberattacks?

[7:20] The 3 areas we’ll be spending the remainder of time: “zero trust”, hardware matters, and continuing to be students

[8:08] What does “zero trust” mean in the IT security community today?

[10:00] Who should own the “zero trust” mentality at an organization?

[12:15] How do you prevent user cybersecurity fatigue? 

[14:31] What’s an example of a great approach an organization is taking to get their end-users (hybrid workers) engaged with security?

[15:40] The importance that hardware still has in cybersecurity efforts

[18:23] Are there tools built into the hardware that can be added protection?

[20:25] What are newer security capabilities in machines, and how do they compare with what was running three years ago?

[23:10] What does it mean to become a “student of risk”?

[26:15] What’s the difference between being a “student of risk” and a “student of threat”?

[27:44] What should an end-user do to raise a security alarm?

[29:30] Do we need to change how often we prepare for security attacks?

[31:50] What’s something we can take away with to do something more securely than yesterday?