Shannon Barnes

Shannon Barnes is a Product Manager at Connection. With 25 years of industry experience, Shannon is the go-to resource for technology that drives workforce productivity. Outside of work, she serves as the Chair of the Merrimack School Board, President of the NH School Boards Association, and NH Delegate to the National School Boards Association.

Creating a more Secure Remote Workspace with Intel

More people are working remotely than ever before, which leads to increased demands on IT and end users alike. And while employees are working machines harder, companies are pushing PC…

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Moving Education Forward in 2021

2020 got a bad rap—appropriately so—because of all we had to do as a country to get through the hurdles it presented. Decisions were life or death—for people, companies, and…

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Bring More to Your Business with Intel’s Data Centric Solutions

Today’s business landscape is flooded with the growth of data generation and consumption. Reinforcing flexibility and the quick scale of modernized data centers is imperative as networks are being tested…

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What Workplace Transformation Means Now: Two Experts Discuss the Opportunities

In today’s climate, workplace transformation has become a very hot topic. Organizations are looking at how to better support employees’ ability to work from anywhere and anytime. This new normal…

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Tackle 2020’s Toughest Productivity Challenges with the Intel vPro Platform

Some call it the “new normal” while others call it the “next normal.” Regardless of what you call it, workforce productivity and IT management of resources has taken a drastic…

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