Marsilda Bialczak

Marsilda is a Partner Development Specialist for Cisco Security at Connection, with over 6 years of Sales Experience and over 3 years of Marketing experience, which includes digital marketing, content management, and social media. She is a subject matter expert on the Cisco security portfolio and works closely with Sales to provide pre and post-sales support, educate them on the products, build and drive marketing campaigns to grow the Cisco security business at Connection. In her spare time, Marsilda enjoys dancing with her daughter, traveling, and motivating others to get healthy and stay fit.

The Power of Three: Secure Office 365 with Cisco Solutions

We all have watched superhero movies. There’s always a villain, a threat, and the superhero at the end who saves the day. In our case, we have three superheroes called…

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Take Control of Your Licensing with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement

As companies grow and seek to develop new business models and create new revenue streams, they need a simple, flexible way to manage their software investments. They want to deploy…

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