A Day in the Life of a Business Development Specialist at Connection

Savannah Davis
A day in the life of a Business Development Specialist

As a Business Development Specialist, I am building relationships and trust among Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Directors in our company. Account Managers reach out to ask for help finding solutions for their customers’ needs, and I collaborate with them to find a fitting solution and to also help grow their book of business. Not only do we work with Sales, but also with the Product Management department to grow our business numbers and focus on implementing their ideas.

We use reports to help bring topics to Account Managers to dig into their customers more and help present information to their customers. As Business Development Specialists, we educate the Account Managers and customers on our product line. We also advocate to the Product Management department for what resources our sites need, as well as present ideas that we have.

We get the pleasure of not only working with multiple departments at Connection, but also with top partners like HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo. These partners provide products that are crucial to companies.  You can’t go anywhere without seeing some form of technology. With all the constraints that have been happening due to the pandemic, we can help find alternatives to keep businesses, healthcare organizations, and schools moving and not skip a beat.

There is so much excitement that comes with the role! It’s the excitement of closing a great opportunity AND seeing the Account Manager’s excitement when it’s closed, knowing you had a hand in it—chasing numbers, growing the business, and building wonderful relationships along the way. The Account Managers want to work with me and my team because they trust us and we bring value to their business. We are standing next to them and winning together! If we lose, we stand back up together and go after another opportunity. There is always another opportunity, and if they don’t see one, we find one for them.

Since the pandemic we’ve been hearing, “We’re all in this together.” Well, that’s what it’s always been like working as a Business Development Specialist at Connection. It’s more than just coming to work to do your job—we are bringing value to people while experiencing the excitement of sales.

Firsthand account of what working at Connection is really like

Savannah is a Business Development Specialist at Connection, supporting the HP Inc. business for the past three years. She has six years of sales experience at Connection in various roles. In her free time, Savannah enjoys spending time with her family, following her kids wherever their imagination takes them.