What Did Our Security Survey Reveal?

IT security risks and challenges - keeping your peers up at night

Stephen Nardone

Connection recently partnered with industry-leading technology research organization IDG to learn more about today’s top security trends and challenges. In an industry where the situation can change on an almost daily basis, keeping up with the latest security developments is paramount. That’s why we asked IT decision makers from organizations across the country (and a wide variety of industries) what their biggest security concerns are.

The results of the survey reveal the types of security breaches that professionals fear the most, as well as the top challenges IT decision makers face in their day-to-day roles.

While threats like malware and attacks on data in the cloud were near the top of the list for biggest security concerns, 42% of respondents named breaches due to employee error or negligence as their greatest concern. Just a few years ago, the traditional notion of a hardened perimeter and soft interior was considered still considered the go-to security strategy. That idea has changed drastically. Today we see a clear need for defenses within the perimeter to detect and protect against threats from both inside and outside the organization. The survey results reveal just how important it is to have a comprehensive security plan in place – one that addresses not just the software or the hardware, but the people and processes behind that technology as well.

It’s no secret that data drives the modern organization – it informs business decisions, fuels collaboration with partners, and lets you integrate closely with customers. That’s why it should come as no surprise that 49% of professionals surveyed told us that loss of sensitive data is their top IT security risk. In a modern organization, that data is everywhere – it’s on your network, in your mobile devices, in your data center, and even in third-party cloud data centers. With the importance of data as a business tool, its increasing frequency as a target of malicious attacks, and today’s strict regulatory environment, there’s never been a better time to make sure you have a security strategy in place to reduce the risk of data loss.

Our Security Practice is built around reducing risk. You might never be able to protect your organization against the latest evolving threats, but you can always put yourself in a better position to reduce the probability of a security breach and to mitigate any damage caused. Our experts can help you identify your biggest risks, understand how they can be exploited in your environment, and bring that risk down to an acceptable level.

Download the complete infographic to discover what your industry peers are saying about today’s security landscape, then give us a call to learn how you can meet the challenge head on.