Data Center

Navigating Server Refresh Possibilities—Rackmount, Blade Server, or Hyperconverged?

It’s time for another round of server refreshes in your enterprise, so will you continue to deploy the same server style (rackmount, blades, or hyperconverged), or consider something new? Here…

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5 Reasons to Consider HPE Synergy

You may have heard about Synergy, the latest server solution from HPE, but you’re unsure how something this unique might fit within your IT environment. Is it just a future…

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Four Technology Trends in the Public Sector

Local governments from across the country are no strangers to stretching budget dollars to pay for IT initiatives. Here are four technology trends that CIOs are spending their technology dollars…

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Rethinking Virtualization—Containers in the Data Center

While the IT world is constantly changing and evolving, every once in a while, a technology comes along that is capable of disrupting the industry. If we take a moment…

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