What Can You Do to Help Secure Top IT Talent?

Patrick Dja Konan

Though the IT job market has always been competitive, it’s no secret that the last several months of 2022 have presented numerous challenges for companies to find, hire, and retain IT professionals. Adding to the challenging market, companies are also dealing with the impact of the Great Resignation, which is estimated to continue throughout the year and will add more challenges for hiring managers and HR teams. As you evaluate your staffing needs for the year, here are three things to consider when looking to hire IT professionals.  

1. Start Early

It’s understandable that budget and project planning can impact how soon you can begin the recruiting process for your IT hiring needs, but be sure to start the process as soon as you can. CompTIA cited the employment in the United States technology sector increased for the 13th consecutive month in December 2021, and job postings for open positions grew from 316,000 to over 332,000 for the month. IT unemployment is at an all-time low, and every organization across the country is looking for IT talent; therefore, starting your recruiting and hiring process early would allow you to find the right talent to hire in a timely manner.  

2. Offer Flexibility

The U.S. job market has drastically changed since the beginning of the pandemic, which forced many employers to create hybrid and even fully remote workplaces. With the increase of virtual jobs and limited pool of talent, IT professionals are reevaluating their priorities and will only pursue opportunities that match both their personal and career goals. Offering some type of remote or hybrid flexibility could potentially help with your search for IT talent.

3. Provide Competitive Pay and Benefits

Per Yahoo , salaries increased by 9.5% on average across major tech hubs for experienced hires, and—with a 357% increase in remote IT jobs—companies basing salaries on location, not market value, may lose out on talent. By offering competitive pay (market value) and benefits tailored to today’s needs, companies can increase their chances of landing top IT talent.

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Patrick Dja Konan is a Lifecycle Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection. Patrick joined Connection in 2019 as a staffing subject matter expert (SME) after helping numerous companies hire IT talent as both Technical Recruiter and Account Executive. His enthusiasm for technology, along with his profound understanding of today’s IT job market, enables Patrick to work as a strategic hiring partner to companies across the United States and provide them with tailored recruiting solutions to fill critical IT positions. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.