VMworld 2017 Recap

Connection was there, were you?


As you may already know, VMworld 2017 covered some pretty amazing ground this year. Always a treat for the technologically minded, VMworld is the place to be if staying on top of news, releases, social networking, and so much more within the ever-expanding world of virtualization and the software defined datacenter is important to you. This year, amongst the activities—and 30,000 some attendees—VMware made some important announcements:

vSphere Cloud on Amazon Web Services
One of the most exciting updates from VMworld 2017, the AWS and vSphere partnership means so much for businesses of all sizes that we still haven’t found a way to quantify this advancement. This now allows you to run applications on premises or in an AWS datacenter without requiring heavy training or operational changes as your existing VMware skillsets directly translate into the service on AWS. VMware cloud on AWS opens up the possibilities for you to leverage a hybrid cloud environment without having to purchase new hardware, rewrite applications, or modify operations. As Pat Gelsinger, Chief Executive Officer, VMware puts it, “VMware Cloud on AWS gives customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that delivers the same architecture, capabilities, and operational experience across both their vSphere-based on-premises environment and AWS.” 

Workspace One Unified EndPoint Management
Workspace One combines VMware’s Horizon (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), AirWatch (Enterprise Mobility Management), Identity Manager, and User Environment Manager to provide frictionless and secure access to all apps and data you need to work—wherever, whenever, and from whatever device you choose. Now, the newest release of Workspace One simplifies the user experience and empowers new workflows for employees and IT. It provides intelligence-driven productivity workflows and security enhancements, such as endpoint detection and response. Workspace One will continue the trend of breaking down IT silos and enable access to any app on any device.

VMware AppDefense
VMware has announced general availability of VMware AppDefense, their new security solution. VMware’s NSX was step one that allowed us to use Micro-segmentation to prevent threats from moving freely throughout the network. Now, AppDefense detects anything that does make it to an endpoint and can automatically trigger responses using integration with NSX and vSphere. AppDefense utilizes machine learning capabilities to understand how applications are supposed to work, monitor for changes to that intended state that indicate a treat, and will prevent, detect, and respond to security threats.

VMworld 2017 Recap:*
August 26–31, 2017

  • 200 customer appearances on stage
  • 11,000 companies represented from over 100 countries
  • 15,000 hands-on labs completed
  • 30,000 attendees
  • 134,000+ mentions on social media
  • 157,000 VMs provisioned

*Statistics provided by VMworld

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