The World’s Most Secure Printers

How Do They Do It?

Contributing Writer

If you’re keeping up with IT, you may have heard that HP claims they offer the most secure printers in the world. Sounds great, right? The world’s most secure printer would be a huge asset, especially as devices like printers are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. But what are they offering to back up this claim?

For one, HP has integrated their self-healing BIOS system into their lineup of print devices with HP SureStart technology. At every boot cycle, HP SureStart checks the validity of the printer’s BIOS and will restart with a saved golden copy if it detects corruption. No one else has technology like that in their printers.

And there’s more. HP also employs whitelisting to ensure that only firmware that has been digitally signed by HP is ever loaded into memory. Plus, runtime intrusion detection monitors devices while they’re operational and connected to the network.

HP printers also feature that latest in security software, such as Access Control and JetAdvantage. Access Control helps ensure encryption of documents sent to your printers, as well as provides authentication for users, eliminating the chance of a sensitive document landing in the wrong hands. JetAdvantage enables you to create security policies that can be sent out across your printer fleet, ensuring that every device meets corporate security standards.

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