The Journey to Digital Transformation

Make a Future-Proof IT Investment

Sarah Senftle
Data Center

Take a look around your data center. What’s your favorite piece of equipment? Is there anything in there you’d miss if your infrastructure was changed overnight? We all have our favorites for different reasons. But the real question is, “Is there anything we’d change about our favorite device if given a chance?” Of course.

Technology changes – what once was new becomes outdated and is replaced by the next big thing. Progress marches on, and it’s only a matter of time before even your favorites are, regrettably, on the short list of items to be replaced. But that’s something Cisco would like to change. Specifically with their Nexus 7000 and 9000 series switches.

In a recent video series, Connection’s Cisco specialists Tim Allen, Networking Practice Manager, and Chris King, Technical Lead, Data Center for Cisco, sat down to discuss the digital transformation trend and what that means for your organization. Nexus switches were a topic of choice, but the reasons why should be given a second look.

One of the things I see Cisco doing to change the IT landscape is to make your favorites last a little longer. The landscape changes a lot – and by future proofing Nexus 7000 and 9000, they’ll support your organization well into the next few technology breakthroughs. With Cisco in the data center, my favorite today can still be my favorite tomorrow, next year, and five years from now. In five years would there be anything I would change? Maybe. But with Cisco it’s a lot less likely.

To learn more about how Cisco is future proofing your data center, take a look at our video and get started on your Digital Transformation journey.