The Future of Enterprise Storage

Surprise—It’s Flash

Kurt Hildebrand
Data Center

While it remains true that many organizations rely on traditional disk arrays, high-capacity storage is moving away from the spinning disk to flash – and not as gradually as you might think either. One of the primary barriers to entry with flash was its price, but the cost of flash technology has come down quite a bit – and there’s still room for it to get cheaper. So why wait? Invest now!

Okay, here’s a more realistic pitch. We know you’ve still got investments in old-school arrays, and no matter how cost-effective flash has become, making the move wholesale to the newer technology doesn’t always make sense. But flash is faster and more reliable, and the software to manage its storage features is evolving just as rapidly.

What’s the best way for your organization to move to the future of enterprise storage while making the most of your existing infrastructure? Let the experts at Connection lend a hand. Take a look at our video Enterprise Disk Arrays and Storage to learn more about your options, or watch others in the series and then give us a call.