Flash Storage

Reap the Performance and Stability Benefits of SSDs

Have you considered adding solid state drives and/or flash storage to your workstations and into your data center? If you haven’t already adopted flash and SSDs in place of some…

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Data Center

The Future of Enterprise Storage

While it remains true that many organizations rely on traditional disk arrays, high-capacity storage is moving away from the spinning disk to flash – and not as gradually as you…

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Still Thinking about Flash Storage?

By now, you probably know the big benefits of flash storage and solid state drives – faster, more reliable performance and quicker access to important data. But maybe your organization…

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Is Flash A Good Fit for You?

Recently I wrote a blog on a basic breakdown of flash technology. For this round, I’m going to delve a little deeper into the subject of storage and your organization….

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News Flash – Flash Storage Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

Flash storage offers dramatically faster performance over traditional spinning magnetic disk storage technology, but many enterprises have postponed adoption of it because of cost concerns. But it’s not as expensive…

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