The Advantages of Infrastructure and Platform as a Service

Don’t Want to Make the Move?

Kevin O'Connor

It’s probably on your to-do list to design a go-forward strategy for your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployment. But it’s probably behind the 103 other things also on that list. At Connection, our experts will tell you that IaaS is the true foundation for shifting your infrastructure to a cloud computing platform. So how do you get started on the path to IaaS? Read on to learn more.

Many organizations want to free themselves from maintaining at least some of their IT infrastructure. Owning and maintaining a data center has physical and security requirements that are becoming increasingly complex to deliver. At the physical level, you need to maintain servers and storage arrays, as well as power sources, backup power supplies, and generators – not to mention enabling your business continuity plan. Additionally, IT executives are now obligated to take more ownership for compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI that add additional demands to an already full IT agenda.

Many companies are also finding it harder to find or train IT professionals qualified to keep up with constantly changing IT infrastructure and platforms. This is forcing organizations to begin to reevaluate which IT core competencies should remain in their organization and which are more efficiently delivered by an enterprise cloud service provider.

Most IT professionals concede that too much of their time is focused on just trying to maintain and keep enterprise infrastructure and platforms operational. Few have time to carefully evaluate options for moving infrastructure and platforms, leading to delays and lost progress on improving IT efficiency.

Adopting either IaaS or Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows an enterprise to benefit from large resource pools in distributed data center environments that are run for them, leaving that operational overhead to someone else. A PaaS deployment provides baseline service architecture with the ability to accelerate application deployment based on its pre-built nature that layers on additional software stack capabilities.

The Connection Mobility Practice works closely with customers to select and implement cloud-based mobile infrastructure that is aligned with enterprise mobile security goals. We also offer IaaS and PaaS services, and our Cloud Practice helps you select and implement the best cloud computing solutions for your business. There are no one-size-fits-all versions of any cloud technology. That’s why we view cloud computing technologies as raw materials you can combine in multiple ways to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Connection’s Cloud Practice offers clients access to a portfolio of Enterprise Cloud Service Provider partners who pass a rigorous vetting process. We ensure the organizations are stable and that their solutions demonstrate the ability to deliver secure cloud capabilities and offer industry relevant capabilities. We investigate and understand the strengths and weaknesses of cloud service providers, and it’s only after they clear our checkpoints that we bring them into our practice. Our research and clearance process saves you time and helps you swiftly narrow down your cloud choices.