Sit, Stand, Go!

Increase Worker Movement to Boost Productivity

Katie Springs

These days, so many of us spend our workdays sitting. Maybe we get up a few times: for coffee breaks, to stretch our legs, or to speak to our colleagues, but still most of the time, we’re sitting at our desks, typing away. It’s not great news, then, that recent research has suggested that there are some health concerns associated with prolonged sitting that can affect our overall health and well-being. After all, your work has to get done, right? You don’t have time to get up and go for a walk every hour. Don’t worry; there are easier solutions to this problem than you might think.

Your organization might be looking at ways to get people moving in the office, like walking meetings or sit-stand desks. Increasing movement without decreasing productivity is the goal. But what if increasing movement could even increase productivity at the same time? A recent study by Texas A&M University found that employees using a sit-stand desk were 45% more productive than those with sit-only workstations.

Sounds great, right? But redoing your entire office’s furniture configuration would be a huge undertaking – and a potentially large cost. Not so fast. Integrating a sit-stand environment is easy with innovative products from Ergotron. Ergotron has a complete line of retro-fit solutions that work with the existing office furniture. And those solutions cost about as much as a coffee a day. Your users could be up and running – healthier and more productive than ever – in no time.

Connection knows office solutions – let us help you increase movement without decreasing productivity. Check out our podcast to learn more about the health and productivity benefits of sit-stand workstations. Not sure which solution is best for your organization? Contact an Account Manager today.