Revitalize Your Data Center with Intel and VMware

Intel Select Solutions Make vSAN Deployment Headache-Free

David Tarr

Intel has been collaborating on server solutions with VMware for over a decade. The integration of Intel processors and VMware vSphere licenses has been instrumental in boosting workload scalability, creating better efficiencies, and maximizing density in our customers’ virtual infrastructure. Now Intel is introducing Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN. The same level of collaboration Intel and VMware brought to virtual servers is now available for virtual storage as well.


Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN allow for stronger storage and network optimization, while providing greater performance and simpler deployment. VMware vSAN is a storage platform integrated in the vSphere license which pools disk space from the local host server and clusters the storage to present a managed hybrid or all-flash storage stack. I have worked with a number of customers who are looking into vSAN technology because of its flexibility and performance with I/O optimization.


Whether you’re looking to introduce vSAN to an existing or brand new hardware infrastructure, there are several considerations when building out this type of environment. Even with the introduction of vSAN ReadyNodes from hardware manufacturers, you still have to test for optimal performance on specific workloads. vSAN ReadyNodes are hyper-converged nodes that are built and designed to support VMware vSAN. ReadyNodes are designed and certified through manufacturers to offer different components, such as operating systems, CPUs, I/O controllers, hard disk drives, solid state drives, and network interface cards. Even though ReadyNodes are built for a vSAN infrastructure, you can see that there are still several factors that have to align in a deployment.


Here’s where Intel comes in. With Intel Select Solutions, you get a pre-defined hyper-converged environment that is Intel-based and certified down to the firmware. It is measured by VMmark 3.0 benchmark scores, which means that they can replicate Intel’s reference benchmark performance threshold. The Intel Select Solution for vSAN is based on Intel Platinum Xeon processors, memory, Intel Optane SSD for cache and capacity tiers, Intel Ethernet NIC adapter, and the entire stack of Intel firmware and software for greater integration, optimization, and performance. There are two configurations of the Select Solution available: “base” or “plus.” The “plus” configuration offers a higher core count for processor density, double the memory of the “base” version, Optane SSD for 2.5X performance increase, and management software.


With Intel and VMware solutions, you can confidently make the move to transform your data center. Thanks to Intel Select Solutions specifically designed to work with vSAN, you can optimize deployment and address configurations that can better meet workload needs. Not only that, but the proven benchmarks reduce time and costs in deployment testing. Scale for the future with proven performance and reduce deployment complexity with Intel and VMware.


Proven configurations are within reach with Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN. Download this solution brief to learn more. Let’s connect and find the answers together.

David is an Inside Solution Architect at Connection with expertise in virtualization and cloud technologies. David is VCA certified in SDDC and mobility, as well as VTSP accredited for SDDC, mobility, cloud, storage, and VSP. In his free time, he enjoys boxing, Crossfit, woodworking, and skiing.