Modernize Your Data Center with AMD

Ephraim Gehr

There are three major pain points that customers are facing in their environment. Software licensing costs, heating/cooling costs, and green initiatives are on the top of everyone’s mind. The push to maintain a higher level of service while reducing operating costs is a driving reason we look to new technologies for answers. Corporate green initiatives mean every watt must be utilized efficiently. Cuts must be made to consumption of resources.

Overpaying for Software Licensing Fees

Software licensing fees are based on the number of cores you have in a server. It’s well known that software licensing costs are ten to forty times more than the cost of the server on which it resides. If we can reduce the core count while maintaining the required performance of your server, we can save your company a great deal on software fees. Condensing more performance into the latest 5nm based 4th gen AMD EPYC™ processors allows us to do precisely that. This can be accomplished in server offerings from all the major server OEMs. Use this savings to refresh a cluster or to upgrade software to solutions that provide more automation and reduce maintenance demands on your IT department staff. Bottom line—use the latest technology from AMD to improve your operating efficiencies.

Consuming Too Much Power and Cooling for Data Centers

When a one processor system can accomplish more work than two, we reduce the number of cores. Doing so reduces the data center footprint. With the exponential increase in data businesses are generating, more can be housed in the same footprint. This drives down costs associated with real estate, power consumption, and cooling. And with AMD EPYC™ processors all in one feature, you get the same I/O, memory, and memory bandwidth to accomplish your goals—regardless of the number of cores you configure.

Meeting Company Sustainability Initiatives

More companies are adding green initiatives. Ken Bartels, AMD-focused Technical Sales Executive at Connection, has this to say: “When comparing integer performance for a recent large data center opportunity, we found that AMD Genoa (4th generation) over AMD Milan (3rd generation) has a 35% better performance per core in an example workload. AMD’s latest generation also provided a 22% improved performance per watt.” Using AMD’s TCO tool, we can calculate CO2 emissions you will reduce and kWh saved by making the move to advanced server solutions powered by AMD EPYC™. Let us help you attain those goals with the most efficient data center processors from AMD. You can learn more about how AMD helps meet sustainability goals on their blog.

Help Navigating Your Next Data Center Refresh Is Available

Whether it’s a single server or complete data center refresh, keeping data center costs down while delivering more value to your company is more critical to overall business success than ever before. Meeting more stringent green initiatives sets your company apart from competitors. AMD EPYC™ powered solutions from Connection can make those impacts to your TCO. Take a look at the newest case studies to see what EPYC is doing for customers like you. Get more information on AMD EPYC™ based data center solutions from Connection. Then reach out to your Account Manager and request an AMD TCO Analysis to get started.

Ephraim Gehr is a Business Development Specialist at Connection, working to assist with sales and client engagements when communicating AMD’s value propositions and capabilities across client and server offerings from all major OEMs. He has driven AMD sales at Connection for over 7 years.