Lenovo Helps Bring Student Engagement to Life In and Out of the Classroom

Delia DeCourcy

As the digital transformation of our schools continues to take form, there’s an increased need to ensure that educators are given the tools they need to keep students engaged—whether learning is taking place remotely or in the classroom. Lenovo Education’s robust instructional software suite provides just that: a suite of products that teachers can use to ensure learning is seamless. From digital curriculum that meets state standards through our partnership with Exploros, to WeVideo and Book Creator—two creativity apps built for Chromebooks—this software utilizes technology in a new way to unlock students’ imagination and create lifelong learners. 

Keep Curriculum Intact and Aligned to Standards, Regardless of Where Learning Takes Place

Right now, teachers need a solution that brings subject matter expertise and engagement strategies to life, both face-to-face and remotely. Teachers need an approach that:

  • Works in synchronous or asynchronous learning models
  • Preserves the ability to guide learning, yet enhances the ways in which students can engage socially and emotionally
  • Provides proven, pedagogically sound content that aligns with school- or district-wide curriculum goals, as well as state and national standards
  • Increases digital equity by being accessible and meaningful to students of all demographics, regardless of special learning requirements or needs
  • Produces real-time data for insights into attendance, progress, and learning-standards achievement
  • Integrates with existing frameworks and platforms, including Google Education Suite, Canvas, and other ecosystems

In short, teachers need to be enabled to focus on the art of teaching, not just content orchestration. Exploros brings all of these essentials together, saving teachers’ time and increasing student engagement and academic success. 

Exploros is built around state and national standards, strategies that teachers know, and approaches to instruction that are supported by professional organizations. Its full-year courses provide excellent content, innovative student tasks, and student performance analytics, so teachers can adjust and personalize instruction. Exploros has more than 650 lessons—and is well on its way to 1,000 lessons—covering digital citizenship, social studies, and English language arts accessible through Lenovo devices. Embedded in its lesson plans are visual supports, primary source documents, paintings and pictures, videos, and graphic organizers to catch and keep students’ attention.

Accessed through Lenovo best-in-class devices, Exploros supports educational continuity that is essential in today’s modern classrooms. Together, Lenovo and Exploros provide the technology and infrastructure to keep students learning, no matter where learning takes place. 

A Solution that Meets Today’s Teaching Demands

Video is popular with learners, and now it’s a perfect match for the educational challenges of 2021 and beyond. By becoming creators on WeVideo, students engage with content conceptually, ensuring a deep and lasting understanding of essential concepts and standards.

Millions of students across grade levels and subjects use WeVideo in remote, in-person, and hybrid environments to create, collaborate, and express themselves with authenticity. Its interface enables teachers to provide timely and personalized feedback to each student.

Additionally since WeVideo is cloud-based, students can use any hardware to build PCs—from Lenovo tablets to Chromebooks to PCs. Content created on the WeVideo Video Editor App syncs with the secure WeVideo Cloud, and can be edited with full creative control on WeVideo.com. Real-time collaborative editing capability means students can work together on a project from anywhere, at any time. 

WeVideo gives learners powerful editing tools, accessible even on a Chromebook. It’s easy to activate and manage licenses through the Google Admin Console. What’s more, it’s built to fit your existing infrastructure and support the needs of teachers and administrators by offering:

  • Command and control of your platform and user settings
    • Integration with existing systems
    • A safe place for students to search, create, and share videos

IT administrators will appreciate the simplified provisioning and management capabilities, almost as much as teachers and students will enjoy indulging their creative spirits, while bringing learning to a whole new level.

With tools like WeVideo, teachers can be confident in their pursuit of student creativity and educational continuity, and students can be more engaged in learning and let their personalities, and in-depth subject knowledge shine.

A Digital Book for Today’s Education Digital Consumers 

In classrooms worldwide, educators are constantly on the hunt for new apps that enhance the classroom learning experience—and create the educational continuity that a pandemic can fracture. Enter Book Creator—a Chromebook creativity app that produces more than 2 million books worldwide, per month. The app allows students and teachers to create multimedia digital books to capture stories, portfolios, science reports, and more. It’s a flexible software that seamlessly gives students an easy and creative platform for collaborating, communicating, and demonstrating critical-thinking skills.

Book Creator provides a blank slate to free students’ creativity and personality—and templates to help nudge that creativity along. Of course, it’s not a book in the traditional sense. It’s a digital book that students fill with text, video, audio, and illustrations with the click of a button, and instantly publish and share. Students can work on the digital book alone, or collaborate across devices on a single topic, or across the semester or school year to produce a digital book that showcases their knowledge, creativity, and personality.

Teachers can also use Book Creator to create homework assignments or learning modules to custom-fit curriculum and lesson plans.

From a user perspective, Book Creator’s experience is the same, whether the student and teacher are face-to-face or connecting remotely. And teachers and administrators around the world love that it’s easy to deploy and manage—with just a click of a button in the Google App Hub, administrators can activate and assign licenses to different users, and track usage throughout the school year—all from the Google Admin Console.

Technology that Empowers Teachers

As schools scramble to redefine teaching in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic—and establish a seamless model that will continue after the pandemic—Lenovo’s instructional software suite coupled with best-in-class Lenovo Chromebooks offer solutions for keeping students engaged and maximizing your technology budget.

Delia DeCourcy is an education leader with over 25 years of experience in leading transformation, developing dynamic programs, and effectively managing projects to achieve desired outcomes.