Inside the Working Relationship of Lenovo and Nutanix

Gary Cabral

After 15 years on the sales side of business, I decided to hang up my sales hat and make a change to a new career path as a Partner Development Specialist at Connection. Focusing my attention in the hyperconvergence space, I now work with the experts from Lenovo Data Center Group and Nutanix to solve some of the toughest challenges our customers have.

This role gives me the ability to forge new relationships within Connection, Lenovo, and Nutanix—and to enhance my existing relationships with our teams and partners. One of my favorite day-to-day responsibilities is helping my Account Managers provide our customers with a solution that fits their unique needs. It’s incredibly rewarding to help someone realize the benefits of a product line and solution that I personally stand behind. 

Customer Service is Key

Professionally, my core values are centered around delivering exceptional customer service—making sure that my clients are happy, not just with the service that I provide them today but the service I provide them every time they call or email me. I believe that accountability and trust are essential components of any great relationship, and it’s incredibly important to me to be able to stand by the product that is delivered to my clients.

The Proof is in the Performance

Coming from a sales background, I’m always on the lookout for ways to build stronger relationships, both with customers and our in-house experts at Connection and Lenovo. A really great opportunity I’ve found to advance that goal is the exclusive Executive Briefing Center (EBC) at the Lenovo Headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Together with Lenovo and Nutanix, we’re able to bring together our Account Managers and our joint clients—and for two days, we have an opportunity to talk about why Lenovo and Nutanix are a force to be reckoned with. There are many reasons why this team offers the #1 HCI software on the market and is #1 in hardware reliability. We all know talk is cheap, but at this briefing they show you the difference by touring a custom-built data center and the test lab where Lenovo and Nutanix put their products up against the competition. It’s a great time and a valuable learning opportunity. 

Since taking on my new role, I’ve been fortunate enough to see the real-world success of these solutions, and to help numerous customers solve their business challenges. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with leaders in hyperconvergence and true innovators in the data center space. Of course, the best part of my job is being surrounded by people who share my core values and always make a point to put the customer first. 

Gary is a Microsoft Solutions Specialist at Connection. When he’s not helping customers solve IT challenges, you’ll find Gary composing and producing original music, as well as enjoying time with his wife and his bulldog.