Increase the Health of Your Organization

Start a Wellness Program with Ergotron Solutions

Katie Springs

Last time we talked about the health problems associated with a sedentary work day. Eight hours (or more!) in front of a computer can exacerbate all kinds of health problems. Many organizations are looking into ways to help ensure their employees stay healthy – and productive on the job.

If your organization has or is implementing a wellness program, Ergotron sit-stand solutions can be a great addition. I can say first hand, and data states that users of sit-stand workstations tend to feel more energized, focused and productive than those who merely sit all day. Research has also pointed out that sit-stand environments have many positive impacts for the employee as well as for the company. We all need to sit less and stand more.

For more information on how we can help incorporate Ergotron solutions into your organization’s wellness program, check out a podcasts we did with Betsey Banker, Marketing Manager for Wellness at Ergotron.

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