Hyperconvergence Is Here

It’s where it’s at!

Data Center

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of new technologies in the data center. Hyperconvergence integrates compute, storage, virtualization resources, networking, and software components into a single IT device. This eliminates fiber channel switching and adds simplicity to the IT infrastructure and administration.

When it comes to in-house expertise, teams running data centers are usually made up of experts in networking, experts in storage administration, and experts in servers. On top of those distinct areas of expertise, there is often a separate team that handles all of the virtualization licensing. However, with hyperconvergence, all of those components are built into a single hyperconverged server. This frees up IT resources and enables organizations to focus on other major initiatives. It also offers similar benefits for smaller IT shops, where only one person manages the data center.

No matter the size of the organization or infrastructure, hyperconverged architecture allows for easy scalability. You can add another node with three mouse clicks – and boom – you have more compute and storage resources. It allows you to pay as you go or pay as you grow.

Lenovo has hyperconverged solutions that help customers of any size. Contact a Connection Account Manager today to find out how our experts can help you put the power of hyperconvergence to work for your organization.