How to Leverage a Staffing Partner to Navigate Your IT Hiring Needs During an Economic Slowdown

Patrick Dja Konan

Our economy has seen significant challenges over the past several months. This is forcing many companies across the country to make challenging business decisions that often include company reorganization and reduction.

Although technology has always been a way for companies to scale their business, it has become more of a necessity for organizations across the world to effectively operate in the aftermath of the pandemic in 2020 and the rapid growth of automatization, digitalization, and virtualization.

One way to navigate through uncertainty is to leverage a staffing partner to help bring in IT talent for critical projects. The right staffing partner will strategically work with you and your company to help build the right IT workforce as business demands change. This partnership can be truly beneficial to your organization, especially during uncertain times, as it gives you the flexibility to hire the right skillsets for critical needs without the burden of a long-term commitment.

Here are some of the benefits of working with the right IT staffing company:

  • Minimize Risk: Working with a staffing company can help you hire qualified candidates, which decreases the risk of poor hires, and offers the benefit of converting a consultant to a full-time hire through a contract-to-hire scenario.
  • Flexibility: Ability to hire the right skillsets for specific projects and tasks on a short- or long-term, temporary basis. Typically, you can end the engagement anytime within a 24-hour notice if the business climate changes.
  • Cost-effective and Time-efficient: Save time and effort in the hiring process, but more importantly—help save your organization money on costs associated with hiring, onboarding, benefits, payroll, and administrative responsibilities.
  • National Network of Candidates: Access to a large network of proven IT talent that has been pre‑screened, interviewed, and evaluated along with an in‑depth background check allowing you to quickly fill a particular skill gap.  

Though some companies may rely heavily on staffing partners to help during hiring surges, many companies work with staffing companies as strategic hiring partners to help navigate during economic slowdowns. Connection offers various IT services to help organizations meet their IT requirements, including staff augmentation needs. Learn how our staffing programs can help your organization quickly hire qualified talent on either a temporary or full-time basis in a cost-effective manner—while also saving time and minimizing the risk of poor hires.

Patrick Dja Konan is a Lifecycle Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection. Patrick joined Connection in 2019 as a staffing subject matter expert (SME) after helping numerous companies hire IT talent as both Technical Recruiter and Account Executive. His enthusiasm for technology, along with his profound understanding of today’s IT job market, enables Patrick to work as a strategic hiring partner to companies across the United States and provide them with tailored recruiting solutions to fill critical IT positions. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.