How to Attract the Best IT Talent in 2021

Patrick Dja Konan

Despite the pandemic and current economic challenges, the IT industry remains one of the top sectors, and companies across the U.S. are having difficulties finding IT talent to hire. The demand for IT workers has significantly increased over the last two months due to the surge in remote work, IT support, cybersecurity, and digital transformation projects.

According to CompTIA, IT companies in the United States increased by 22,000 workers in December, and at the same time, IT jobs grew by 391,000 positions.

How Do You Hire for Your IT Positions?

Before the pandemic, companies had tried adding new perks, such as enhanced employee benefits, on-site childcare, on-site gyms, catered meals, and more, to attract job seekers. And while this strategy did have some success, many companies were still having difficulties finding IT talent, and most openings were unfilled for at least six months on a national average. As we are all trying to adapt to our virtual work era, those perks have less influence in today’s IT job market.

Time for a New Strategy

Here are 5 simple keys to help fill your IT openings:

  1. Focus exactly on what you are looking for.
    Everyone wants a “rock star” with various skillsets, but in today’s industry, IT workers are becoming more and more specialized; therefore, keeping the nice-to-haves off the job description and prioritizing the top five must-haves will help increase your pool of candidates.
  2. Determine if this is a skillset you would need fulltime on your IT team or just for a specific project.
    I understand some companies have policies concerning contractors, but some skillsets are simply more useful on a consulting basis, and the sooner you can determine that, the faster you can find the right person.
  3. Don’t wait to compare resumes before scheduling interviews.
    One of the biggest hiring myths is that you need to review and interview multiple candidates before choosing one to hire. Although you might want to compare resumes, we recommend that you interview candidates as you receive them if they match what you are looking for. Also, make an offer if the candidates fit the position and your cultural environment. The IT job market is too competitive to wait on the perfect candidate.
  4. Cut down the interview timeline without sacrificing your interview process.
    Have a defined process and set expectations upfront with candidates as well as provide immediate feedback. Timing is everything. IT employees are in high demand, more than ever. By shortening the interview timeline and providing immediate feedback, you can make sure you don’t miss out on an ideal candidate. This simple change can play a significant role in your hiring process.
  5. Find a strategic hiring partner that can work as an extension of your HR team.
    Staffing companies have a proactive approach that allows them to stay in constant communication with quality IT talent. The right IT staffing partner understands the current market trends and know what type of opportunities would attract the right IT candidates. You just must find a partner you can trust!

At Connection, we have a dedicated team of IT experts with over 30 years of staffing experience that can work with your company as a strategic hiring partner and provide recruiting solutions to fill your technical openings in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Patrick Dja Konan is a Lifecycle Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection. Patrick joined Connection in 2019 as a staffing subject matter expert (SME) after helping numerous companies hire IT talent as both Technical Recruiter and Account Executive. His enthusiasm for technology, along with his profound understanding of today’s IT job market, enables Patrick to work as a strategic hiring partner to companies across the United States and provide them with tailored recruiting solutions to fill critical IT positions. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.