How Do You Decide How Much Cloud Is Right for You?

Contributing Writer

Hosted solutions/services/platforms present a learning curve for us all. With so many cloud services options available today, we are all faced with a number of challenges and questions: What data and processes can we move? What should we move? How will we move it? Where will we move it to?

Analysts, research firms, and our top OEM IT hardware/software partners have provided more supporting statistics to the current and future state of cloud than is possible to keep up with. For example, according to a report from IDC, cloud-specific IT spending is projected to grow six times faster than general IT spending through 2020. IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens predicts, “In the next five years, cloud adoption will surge as most developers leverage platforms and communities and use…key technologies to create and deploy as many applications on the cloud as prior generations deployed in the prior four decades. Enterprises that do not fully embrace the public cloud will be marginalized in this renaissance of digital innovation.” It’s clear that cloud has and will continue to change the way we do business for the foreseeable future.

Organizations have the option to pioneer this transition, hire the talent that has successfully gone through this transition previously, or take on the task of training (certifications, learning, education) to account for the previously mentioned experience. It really isn’t a matter of if you’ll move to the cloud—it’s figuring out if you have the tools your organization needs to take control in a multicloud world. Never fear; we have an app for that.

Connection has aligned with the top service providers across cloud, colocation, and connectivity. Leveraging top technologies available today, Connection’s Cloud Specialists are helping our customers to quickly level the playing field—blocking out the unwanted noise and objectively guiding our customers to the options that best suit their needs.

For example, a regional healthcare practice developing their multi-cloud approach with colocation is faced with a number of challenges:

  • Where will our infrastructure reside?
    • Colocation facility needs to be within 50 miles for latency
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Direct connects to AWS, express routes to Azure
  • Does the colocation provider offer private cloud for future initiatives?
  • Does the colocation provider have our current carrier(s) On-Net?

These questions require time researching and reviewing documentation, talking with peers in the industry, and lead to call/vendor fatigue. With our DataCenter Tool, the Connection experts can answer these important questions within 30 seconds.

Moving from one data center to another happens less than a handful of times in someone’s career. Connection helps organizations and IT leaders make these decisions and transitions hundreds of times a month. That’s why a proven partner like Connection can play an essential role in ensuring that your cloud initiatives are successful. With the expertise to discern, design, and deliver a next-generation cloud strategy, our Cloud Specialists have the expertise and experience to work with you to build the private, public, or multicloud solution that addresses your particular needs and requirements while paying attention to your long-term plans, migration, and maintenance concerns.