Have You Overlooked Your Printers’ Security?

It Could Be a Costly Mistake

Contributing Writer

You may think that your organization is secure. Your employees know best practices for creating passwords; your data is encrypted at every turn, and your network has the strongest firewalls known to man. But do you know who is using your printers?

If your printers are on a network, they can be just as much at risk for malware or a cyber-attack as your desktops, servers, or mobile devices. An unsecured printer can provide just the access point a hacker needs to sneak into your network. A data breach can cost you millions of dollars and disrupt the trust of your employees as well as your customers. Don’t just ensure your computing devices are protected; lock up your printers too.

Fortunately, HP printers have embedded security features in the firmware that ensure safe startup every time, reducing the threat of a unauthorized access. Plus HP’s latest fleet of printers, combined with the Jet Advantage security manager software, allow centralized management of the security of your entire fleet. Jet Advantage also provides:

  • The ability to see who’s using which devices and when
  • Simplified user authentication
  • Quick removal of sensitive data
  • Encryption of print jobs to protect data

Recently, we hosted a webinar LaserJet Innovation Catch the Next Wave at Connection with Rick Pearson, a Print Specialist from HP. In it, he takes you through the latest innovations in HP’s new line of printers, including their unique security features. Take a look, and then drop us a line with any questions!