Expand the View of Your Wireless Network to 360 Degrees With Aerohive

Daniel Ryan

With the proliferation of wireless clients on our networks, it’s hard to keep track of them all, let alone what their capabilities are. Many Wi-Fi solutions will give you basic information, such as the device name, manufacturer (based on OUI), and MAC and IP addresses. However, in today’s mobile-first world, that’s just not enough. When troubleshooting, it’s essential to have as much data, readily available, as possible. This is where Aerohive’s Client 360 and Network 360 features truly shine!

Client 360: Deliver a Network that Works

One of the most common things that wireless engineers hear is “the Wi-Fi isn’t working!” However most of the time, it’s not actually an issue with the wireless infrastructure. More often than not, it’s an issue with DHCP, DNS, routing, firewall rules, etc. With the aid of machine learning, Aerohive’s Client 360 helps minimize the amount of time to determine the actual cause of the issue. It can also help identify issues that might not have been apparent otherwise.

Client 360 tracks a number of data points for every client associated to the Wi-Fi network, and correlates them into a single, intuitive dashboard. These data points are also tracked, so an administrator can identify when an issue occurred. They can then examine the data, including things like where the device was located, what AP the device was associated with, how long its previous and subsequent roams took, and what the RSSI and SNR were at that time. Client 360 will also present the capabilities of a device, such as the bands that the client supports (i.e., 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or both) the number of spatial streams, the channels it supports, etc. This sort of data is invaluable to determine if the client is associating with the appropriate band, and to help identify potential design or implementation issues with the infrastructure. Additionally, the platform allows IT administrators to expand the timeframe to a full month to examine a large amount of client history. The dashboard also displays individual clients and how their indicators compare to others who are connected to the network. If there is a trouble client, an administrator can easily determine when they are under-performing, and delve into other data to expose further issues.

Network 360: Simplify and Transform the Network Experience

Network 360 provides impressive network comparative analytics and visibility. Similar to Client 360, Network 360 provides historical reports on the health of devices, clients, Wi-Fi, network, services, and applications. Further, it correlates all of these health indicators to help administrators track down where, when, and why an issue occurred. The depth of the indicators and the information provided is just incredible! From the number of frames sent and received at a given data rate to the CPU and RAM utilization of a given AP, to how many devices connected at 5GHz or 2.4GHz across a specific time frame, the amount of data you can see is staggering. Plus, Aerohive has done an amazing job of presenting it in an easy-to-use manner. And, many of these views can be saved in your reports!

Troubleshoot the Client and Network Experience with Ease

Today, high-quality Wi-Fi is mandatory for success, making deep visibility into your infrastructure more important than ever before. Aerohive radically simplifies an IT Administrator’s ability to monitor and troubleshoot a client and network experience in a single, intuitive, and comprehensive view.

When it comes to Wi-Fi troubleshooting, Aerohive enables IT to rethink what is possible. From the beginning, Aerohive has leveraged analytics as a strength, and the additions of Client 360 and Network 360 are further evidence that Aerohive’s continuous innovation is setting their customers up for success!

Dan is a Principal Inside Solutions Architect in the Technical Sales Group and Team Lead for the NetCom ISA Team, at Connection. With over 13 years of experience in Networking Solutions, he is now spearheading a new ISA role that strictly covers Wireless Networking and Mobile Device Management. Because wireless has become such a passion of his, he has attained CWNA, CWDP, and CWAP certifications and aspires to achieve his CWNE certification. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, spending time with his family, and working on his old house.

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