Why Connection? We Cultivate Strong Relationships

Steve Siebersma

Growing up in a small town, I got to know my family doctor really well. Dr. Willekes was the first person we called whenever any of us needed medical care. The whole town knew and trusted him. When a mother was in labor, he became the OB/GYN, and after the baby was born he became the pediatrician. Dr. Willekes was a general surgeon, orthopedist, cardiologist, ear/nose/throat doctor, emergency room physician—if you had a medical problem, he was your guy.

As talented as Dr. Willekes was, there were times when he needed help. When a complex treatment was required, Dr. Willekes would bring in a specialist. And while he wasn’t the one performing the procedure, Dr. Willekes was an integral part of the process, checking in with us beforehand and following up afterward to make sure we were happy and healthy.

I like to think there are parallels with your Connection team. No, we aren’t offering a direct hand in saving lives, but we strive to be the first people you call when you need an IT solution. It is our intention to bring the best technology to your fingertips to make your life more convenient and efficient. As a Business Development Manager for Connection, it is my role to understand your technology goals, hurdles, and immediate needs. Asking you questions, offering suggestions, and addressing issues is where I find myself relating to a good primary care doctor. There is undoubtedly a time when conversations get past a general discussion about IT. Having a trusted advisor who knows the industry and can bring in specialists at the right time is extremely valuable.

On our website, we provide updated information for over 300,000 items from more than 1,600 manufacturers. It would certainly be quite a task to be a specialist for every single one of our partners. This is where having a knowledgeable hand in many aspects of technology comes in handy.

Connection has our own staff of solutions architects, engineers, and product specialists. In addition, we have a long history of strong relationships with our vendor partners, who provide technical expertise to guide you through the ever-changing landscape. We use our own 283,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center to ship products quickly, and we use our website to make searching and purchasing products and solutions quick and easy.

My hometown has grown considerably since I left over 20 years ago. There is a new hospital, more doctors, many more specialists, and increased access to providing better healthcare. Connection, too, has grown significantly since our founding in 1982. Just as you trust your doctor to continue to seek new and better treatments, your Connection team will also search out and provide the best, latest, and most effective technologies for your organization.

Steve is a Business Development Manager at Connection. Calling on 13 years of industry experience, Steve’s favorite tasks are research and putting information in terms that everyone understands. When off the clock, Steve enjoys the great outdoors through running, biking, and many other activities.