Bridging the Skills Gap: The Benefits of IT Consultants

Patrick Dja Konan

In early 2020, the global health pandemic forced companies across the world to quickly enhance their technology capabilities and transition to a virtual workplace. Although most companies were somewhat able to adapt to this “virtual world,” the continuous changes of the IT landscape have significantly increased the demand of IT workers and created a skills gap within many organizations. According to CompTIA research, 93% of employers report an overall skills gap in their IT professionals, expressing a disparity between desired skillsets and existing ones. Finding qualified IT talent has become even more challenging in this competitive market, and companies are exploring various options to bring in the right technical person. When talking to customers, one of the suggestions we make is to leverage IT consultants to get the help and expertise they need. Here are some of the benefits of hiring IT consultants. 

Get the Specific Skillset You Need 

As mentioned above, the IT landscape has significantly changed, and there’s a high demand for cloud, security, AI, and big data specialists. Due to the high demand and limited number of fulltime employees with these skillsets, hiring an IT consultant or IT service company can be a way to bring in a specialized/ expert level of experience needed for a particular project.

Quick Interview Process

For the most part, hiring a contractor requires fewer steps. Most contractors do not require a long notice to begin a new job. If you work with the right staffing partner, you should be able to interview someone, hire them, and have them ready to start within 5–10 days. This allows hiring managers to get the technical support needed quickly.

Additional Support

Whether it’s backlogs, new projects, or leaves of absence, hiring a contractor can help fill the gap. Though the pandemic was difficult for all of us, IT employees were desperately needed and overworked to keep up with the transition to remote operations and technical challenges employees faced on daily basis. Bringing on a contractor to increase the bandwidth or allow team members to take time off can significantly boost your team’s morale, as well as their emotional and mental health. 

Help Your Company Save Money

In addition to the difficulties of finding IT talent in today’s market, IT salaries have skyrocketed, and companies are paying a premium to fill IT openings. When adding the costs of onboarding a fulltime employee, benefits, and other hiring and recruiting costs, companies are spending an absurd amount of money to remain competitive and attract IT talent. Hiring an IT consultant can help you bring in the desired skills with no strings attached while saving money. 

The current IT job market is very competitive and presents difficulties for many companies to find and hire qualified IT talent. Connection has over 30 years of experience in IT staffing and provides companies across the U.S. with tailored recruiting solutions to help fill both contract and fulltime positions. Hiring managers can leverage our guaranteed contract (30 days or more), contract-to-hire (ZERO conversion fee after 90 working days), or direct-hire (we offer two budget-friendly options: 16% or 18% fee) programs, to bring the right IT talent to their teams. You can learn more about our services or reach out to an Account Manager today. 

Patrick Dja Konan is a Lifecycle Staffing Business Development Manager at Connection. Patrick joined Connection in 2019 as a staffing subject matter expert (SME) after helping numerous companies hire IT talent as both Technical Recruiter and Account Executive. His enthusiasm for technology, along with his profound understanding of today’s IT job market, enables Patrick to work as a strategic hiring partner to companies across the United States and provide them with tailored recruiting solutions to fill critical IT positions. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.