Bottlenecks and Bandwidth

The Challenges of Building a Modern Network


More data is moving over your network than ever before – and it’s increasing in volume every day. If your network infrastructure was built to support yesterday’s demands, you’re missing out on significant performance and productivity benefits. Today’s workforce needs a network that’s capable of supporting new devices, applications, and workflows. Read on to learn about our “Chalk Talk” video series and take an illustrated journey to a more efficient, modern network.

If you think of the traditional network as a two-lane highway, yesterday’s technology was adequate for simple traffic like emails, Web surfing, and small file transfers. Two lanes were enough. But today you’ve got more users, more network services, more applications, and much, much more data traveling over that same stretch of road. You need a wider highway and a more intelligent way of managing all of that network traffic.

The team at HP Networking has come up with some impressive solutions to today’s networking challenges. They’re flattening the topology of the network and introducing switching technologies that add intelligence and resilience. These improvements enable organizations to achieve the multi-lane highway speeds today’s users need – without sacrificing the simplicity, reliability, or manageability that IT requires.

Watch the “Bottlenecks and Bandwidth” Chalk Talk, along with the rest of our Chalk Talk video series, as Brian Conway, HP Networking Business Development Specialist, and I sketch out solutions to your networking challenges.